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Marketing List Management

Reduce Your Advertising Costs & Increase Conversions

What Makes A Marketing List So Important?

Maybe you have a marketing list you've never used before. Perhaps you've even been consistently growing your marketing list and don't know what to do with it. Another possibility could be that you don't even know where or why you should start building your marketing list.

All. Valid.

Let's review.

Benefits of a Marketing List

Decrease the cost of your Paid Ad Campaigns

Building up a Marketing List will give you extremely valuable data that you will then be able to plug into your Paid Ad Campaigns. Allowing you to target the people who are the most likely to purchase from you.

Create Repeat Customers

Now that you have people on your Marketing List, you can continue to contact them making sure your company stays at the top of their minds. This way, as soon as a customer is in need of you're product or services again, there will be no hesitation and much less friction.

Reach More People At A Lower Cost

The people on your Marketing List are already extremely interested in what your business has to offer, interested enough that they ended up being on your Marketing List in the first place. These individuals will always be much cheaper to reach than a cold audience. Whether it's via Email, SMS, or Paid Ad Campaigns.

Talk Directly to your fans

The people on your Marketing List are interested in what your business has to offer. Keep them in the loop and let them know what's going on! Chances are they're considering buying if they haven't already. All you have to do is keep speaking to them so that you're at the top of the minds of your customers when they're ready to make a purchase.

What Xeno Leads Does to Manage Your Marketing List

Marketing List Activation​

If you have a Marketing List that you haven't used in a while, or maybe you've never used, we bring it to life with campaigns optimized for conversions. You've likely spent time and money growing your Marketing List, let us bring it back to life by bringing you more customers.

Marketing List Growth

With or without an existing Marketing List, you should always be working towards growing your list to continue achieving better and better results. Xeno Leads puts systems in place to begin growing your marketing list at an accelerated rate. Allowing for your future campaigns, whether organic or paid, to be extremely efficient & effective.​

Marketing List Campaigns

Have an important event, sale, or promotion you'd like to run? Let us know the details and we will craft a unique campaign from scratch. With help from our expert Graphic Designers, the campaign will be optimized for conversions as soon as we send it out to your entire Marketing List.

Optimized Paid Ad Campaigns

Once we fully optimize your online presence for organic traffic, you will be in a good position to begin running paid ad campaigns. As soon as you're ready, we will take the data from the Marketing List we've been building together and create Custom Audiences as well as Look Alike Audiences. This will allow you to target the people who are most likely to purchase from you with ads that are specifically crafted to convert viewers, into paying customers.

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